Resources for parents of college students

After your student selects a college, one of the first websites you will want to become familiar with is that school's website. Most colleges and universities have sections specifically targeted to parents.

Paying for College Links

Throughout college, you may need to revisit sites to help with annual financial aid applications, find information about loans, and help your student find sources for additional financial assistance. The federal government portal to financial aid online provides a source for free resources on financial aid.

Within this portal, you can find "Funding Your Education," a comprehensive publication on student financial aid from the U.S. Department of Education.

This portal also links you to the most important single site for applying for financial aid, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), including details and the online application.

Many scholarships for Oregon students are administered by the Office of Student Access and Completion. Its Web site lists all of the awards it administers and includes its online application and instructions for applying for awards.

Used by many colleges and universities to award nonfederal aid, the CSS Profile is online. The financial aid offices of the schools your student is applying to will inform you if this form, in addition to the FAFSA, is required for those applying for financial aid.

Career Links

Oregon Career Information System (CIS) is a comprehensive career resource to schools, colleges, public agencies, and businesses that brings together the kinds of information and tools needed by career decision-makers of all ages. Most community colleges and some universities in Oregon have CIS available to their students. Career assessment tools, occupational information, and job search advice can help your student transition from college to work. Graduate School Sort can help your student find graduate programs that match personal criteria. Your student should ask the career center staff about how to access it. (CIS is a password protected site.)

Oregon labor market information (OLMIS) is available online from the Oregon Employment Department.

Career home page of US News and World Report discusses money, careers, business and economy with special articles for graduating seniors and links to graduate school information.

Internship Links

Internships are an important way for your student to connect his or her college experience to the work world and his or her future. College and universities, or schools and departments within them, have offices that focus on internships for their students. This is the first resource your student should use when looking for an internship opportunity.

National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration's Web site provides an excellent compilation of resources for public affairs and general internship databases.

United States Office of Personnel Management provides to help students locate positions throughout the U.S.

Graduate Schools Resources

If your student is planning on pursuing graduate school, he or she will want to seek advice from professors and professionals in the field about what to look for in a graduate program. Most professions and academic areas have professional association Web sites. These often list graduate school programs for that discipline.

U.S. News and World Report ranks America's best graduate schools.

Miscellaneous Topics

Written for your student, VISA has designed this section of their Practical Money Skills for Life site to help college with important money management skills.