Why should my child explore careers?

If you think back on your own career, you might find that you did not do much planning or that your own parents were not really involved. Even just 20 years ago, the need for career planning was not so urgent. There were more jobs for people with high school degrees. Well-paying manufacturing jobs had few educational requirements. Technology did not play so prominent a role in every employment sector.

The world of work and education has changed and will continue to change at an even more rapid rate. If you or a family member has been recently laid off, you will recognize that the job market is vastly different. Today, individuals need to take responsibility for managing their careers. We all need to be prepared for change and have the skills to make transitions. Career development is about learning that set of skills and applying it to decisions about education and life.

The topics in this section look at the world of work and education, how they are changing and how those changes affect your child's future.

Myths about work and education
Commonly held beliefs can be incorrect yet they affect how well parents advise their children. Review this list for any that you might hold as true.

The world of work is changing
Today, the number career choices are much greater and the process of selecting a career is far more complex. To be an effective career coach, you need to understand how the work we do and the skills we need have been transformed by technology and globalization.

Education pays
Lifelong learning is not an empty concept. It is a key to career success. Education comes in many shapes and sizes, and you and your child need to plan for it.

Building foundation skills
The skills that are needed by all workers, regardless of job, work setting, or industry, are often called employability skills. By looking at the list of what employers look for, you will see that the 3-R's are but one part of the picture.

Being "college ready"
High school is a time to build foundation skills to last a lifetime. Pursuing a challenging course of study in high school will keep doors open in employment and in education.