Resources for parents of elementary students

One of the first Web sites you will want to become familiar with is that of your child's school. Most schools in Oregon have Web sites. If you don't know where to find this Web site, you can look up your school district on the Oregon School Board Association's site. From your school district's homepage you will be able to look up your child's school.

Other Education Links

Oregon Department of Education's Web site includes a section for parents. Here you will find links to other resources about curriculum and instruction, family involvement, high school and beyond, laws and rules, meeting student needs, and state standards and tests.

From the elementary school section of Oregon School Library Information System (OSLIS) Web site, you can help your child learn how to do research, choose resources, find information, use online tools, evaluation information, take notes, and cite resources.

Parenting Links

At PBS Parents you will find information about your child's development from birth through the early school years. There are also fun educational activities for your children to help get them ready for school. PBS Parents Guides address important aspects of your child's early years such as school readiness and social and emotional development.

PTA Parent Resources from the National Parent Teacher Association includes topics on student achievement, safety, media and technology, and health and wellness.

Miscellaneous Topics

The Federal Bureau of Investigation publishes information about Protecting Your Kids. is a free Web site designed to help educators, parents and students practice better money management for life. Visa has partnered with leading consumer advocates, educators and financial institutions to launch a national program to improve the nation's financial skills. for children in grades 3 6. for younger children.