Activities to help with first jobs

One Stop Career Centers are a free resource available in most communities in Oregon to help job seekers with job search and other career skills. These centers might offer job search, resume writing, interviewing, or career planning classes that can help your young person find meaningful work.

Additionally, private career counselors are trained to help individuals. You will pay for these services, so you and your young person need to decide if the investment is worth it. Many career counselors are listed in the telephone directory. Look for "NCC" after the counselor's name. This means that the person is a National Certified Counselor (NCC). Individuals who hold the NCC credential have met high standards of education and experience and have passed a national examination. They also adhere to a counselor code of ethics within their professional practice.

You might also enjoy working together on this activity:

Back Up
Designed for you to do with your son or daughter, it will help both of you think about and share where you are now and move forward in a proactive way.