Activities for middle school students

Middle school is the time to begin creating a career portfolio. A career portfolio is a collection of your child's academic and work experiences, career interest assessments and personal achievements. It is a record of important academic and career information your child may need in the future. Use a file, envelope, journal, scrapbook or other storage device to create a career portfolio. Your child can use the portfolio to:

Here are some more formal activities you can do with your middle school children:

Skills at Work and School
This activity shows how work and school expectations are similar. It will help your child make a connection between school and work. It focuses on how work habits and employability skills learned now will help later in life.

Things Employers Expect
This activity relates home and school responsibilities to work. It helps develop an awareness of the importance of personal responsibility and good work habits

Decisions, Decisions
This activity will help your child understand the importance of decision-making and practice a model for making decisions.