Developing good work habits

Good personal habits are the foundation for lifelong achievement. Even at the youngest ages, you can help your children develop the work and study habits that teachers and employers value. These habits may be called by many names: work ethic, personal management, and self-management skills are a few. Regardless of its name, a good work ethic is the skill most valued by Oregon employers - they want honest, dependable, and productive workers.

Demonstrating personal management skills is one of the six career-related learning standards required for high school graduation in Oregon. Through a variety of school activities students must show that they can monitor their work and behavior, act appropriately and responsibly, and organize assignments. They are expected to exhibit appropriate work ethic and behaviors in their school, community, and the workplace.

How can I teach self-management skills at home?

You are your children's first teacher when it comes to good work habits. You demonstrate daily the importance of taking pride in what you do and doing a good job. To model a good work ethic at home, you need to set standards for yourself and your children. As your children mature into adolescence, they can earn greater independence by meeting obligations, being trustworthy, and respecting themselves and others.