Choosing the right classes

A solid academic foundation lays the groundwork for your child's future. Throughout school, encourage your child in reading, writing, math, and science. These subjects provide the building blocks for further education and give more choices later on. In addition to the "basics," encourage your child to pursue other subjects such as art, music, computer science, health, physical education, and professional technical. These expand interest, skills, and knowledge and build important values.

Choosing the right classes in middle school

In elementary school your child learned basic reading, writing, and math skills. Your child will build on these basic skills in middle school. In most middle schools, students may not have a choice about the classes they take. However, different levels of math and language arts are typically offered. Encourage your child to select academically challenging classes and to work hard. The courses your child takes starting as early as 8th grade can have a significant effect on choices after high school graduation.

When students enter middle school, they are probably not thinking about what they will be doing after high school. As a parent, you can help choose classes that prepare for any post-high school option available. Even if your child does not end up going to college, the skills learned in high school by taking a college preparatory course of study will also act as preparation for the world of work. Everyone in every kind of work needs to be able to write and speak clearly, listen carefully, understand what is written and spoken, and use math effectively.

The subjects your middle school child will most likely study in preparation for high school include: