Motivating job seekers

Whether the job seeker is a young person or an adult, keeping motivated during the job search process can be difficult. It takes courage to call employers, be interviewed, and pick oneself up after being told you didn't get the job. It takes belief in yourself to know that the right job for you is out there and to pursue it, with determination and a positive attitude, over an extended period of time.

When your children are looking for work, continue to let them know you believe in them. Remind them that job search can be stressful for anyone and to take care of themselves by:

  1. Eating a balanced diet
  2. Exercising regularly
  3. Sleeping regularly
  4. Avoiding drugs and alcohol
  5. Having a budget for their living expenses
  6. Scheduling time for job search and other activities
  7. Having a plan of action for their job search
  8. Seeking help when needed

Encourage them to take concrete steps to reduce their stress and discouragement. Make the job search a learning experience by following these suggestions:

Adapted from the Oregon Career Information System, "Job Search, Step 10 - Stay Positive" at, copyright 2006, University of Oregon. Used with permission.