Fostering self-confidence

Self-confidence - or faith in oneself - is needed to achieve in school and in life. Parents have a tremendous influence over their children's level of self-confidence.

The importance of self-confidence cannot be overstated. Two aspects of self-confidence - the belief in our capabilities to be successful and an understanding of how our actions determine our rewards - are critically important in career development. Our belief in our own abilities determines how we feel, think, motivate ourselves, and behave. Without self-confidence, we avoid challenges and commitment. We feel greater anxiety and stress in new or difficult situations. We have lower aspirations. When we don't succeed, we focus on our personal deficiencies.

What can I do to help my child become more self-confident?

The more experiences children have, the more confidence they will have in their abilities to do many different activities. Create opportunities for both success and challenge. In challenging situations, support perseverance and sustained effort.

Provide positive reinforcement:

Lift limitations:

Discuss success: