Being "college ready"

High school is a time to build foundation skills to last a lifetime. Pursuing a challenging course of study in high school will keep doors open in employment and in education. Although it is true that not everyone will go to college, taking the types of classes required for college admission is a good option for most students. This is called being "college ready." The coursework may be rigorous, but for most young people, higher expectations lead to higher achievement.

General requirements for college preparation include:

Why are math and science so important?

Research shows that taking rigorous mathematics and laboratory science courses, such as calculus and chemistry, is a good predictor of academic success and a gateway to college. However, this requires your student to take algebra early, often in 8th grade or earlier. The National Educational Longitudinal Study (NELS) reveals:

Parents own feelings about their experiences with math and science often affect their children's choices. If a parent conveys that they feel inadequate in their knowledge and skills, the children can come to doubt their own abilities. They will avoid taking these classes in high school, thus reducing their options for the future.