What types of career decisions am I still making?

Even if your career decisions "just happened" in your past, taking control of your career now will have positive consequences for you and provide a good role model for your children. You are making career decisions regularly, decisions about your goals, about pursuing those goals, and about changing those goals. You can take action now to find more meaning and satisfaction in your work by building self-knowledge, learning more about your options, learning new skills, and setting and achieving your goals.

If your work life is already rewarding, your career decisions should focus on how to build on your success. If you are unhappy in your work, your decisions should focus on how to transition into a new career. If you are not currently working but want to begin, your decisions should focus on how to move forward in training, if necessary, and job search.

Just like with your children, your decisions can open or close a door of opportunity. As you help your children make decisions that expand their opportunities and promote growth, do the same for yourself. Not taking steps to actively manage your career is a decision, and later in life you may regret not being more consciously involved in your own life planning and self-development.

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