Homework and study skills

Homework is an integral part of schooling. Your children need your help in order to get the most out of their homework assignments.

Why homework?

Homework helps develop skills and reinforces classroom learning. Homework can also:

Teachers assign homework to help your child:

When you help your child with his homework, you can:

How can I help with homework?

Show that you think education and homework are important. Create a good environment for doing homework:

  1. Set a regular time for homework. You will probably need some flexibility in the homework schedule to accommodate other activities such as sports or music lessons. If outside activities prevent your child from finishing his or her homework, he or she may need to drop one of these activities.
  2. Set up a quiet, well-lit homework area.
  3. Turn off the television and regulate social telephone calls.
  4. Provide essential supplies such as pencils, pens, erasers, writing paper and a dictionary. Also consider other supplies your child may need such as a stapler, paper clips, maps, a calculator, a pencil sharpener, tape, glue, paste, scissors, a ruler, index cards, a thesaurus and an almanac.

Help tie homework to everyday life:

  1. Show your children how what they learn in school applies to the adult world. Let them see you reading, writing, using math, and doing other things that require thought and effort. Talk to your children about what you do at work.
  2. Help your children use everyday routines to support what they are learning. Teach them to play word or math games. Help them look up information about something in which they are interested. Talk to your children about what they see and hear when you are together.
  3. Talk about school and learning activities in family conversations. Ask your children what was discussed in class that day.
  4. Look over completed assignments before your children turn them in and read the teacher's comments on graded homework.

How do I help my children develop good study habits?

Good study habits will benefit your children throughout their lives. You can help develop them if you: