Middle school involvement and student success

In Oregon, middle school usually starts in grade six and goes through grade eight. A few districts have junior high schools which may start in grade seven and go through grade eight or nine. In middle school, routines, schoolwork, the campus, teachers, friends and fellow students are typically all new. With peer pressure and academic demands, this different world can be overwhelming.

Middle school students are experiencing physical, emotional, and mental changes as well. Their emotions and motivation levels may fluctuate. They may need more space and independence to discover new interests and build skills and knowledge. However, they also need continued support and guidance from their parents.

How can I help my children transition to middle school?

You can help your children make this transition by:

How can I stay involved in school?

Many of the supports you provided in elementary school will continue into middle school at a slightly reduced level. You will need to give your children more independence in their early teens, but it is still important for you to remain involved and interested in their activities.

Remember your child's next transition is to high school. Make sure that your child is aware of the classes and programs he or she will need to take in middle school to prepare for high school and beyond.