Elementary school involvement and student success

As your children begin school, find reasons to praise them every day. Each child has unique talents and strengths. Help each one focus on what he or she does well by reinforcing these assets. Let your children know that you think they are valuable, capable people and that you know they can succeed.

Have high expectations for your children's learning and behavior, both at home and at school. When you expect the best from your children, they will rise to your expectations. Help your children take responsibility for their choices. Teach your children how to set and achieve goals. Be a good role model for getting work done before play.

Make sure your children are getting the best education possible by working directly with your their school and teachers.

Talk with your children's teachers:

Talk with your children about their schoolwork:

Help your children develop routines:

Teach your child to love to read:

Create a study environment in your home:

Spend time with your children at home: