Knowledge of the world of work and education

This element of the career planning process is about learning what is out there. Without exposure to the broad array of possibilities, children will have a very narrow view of their options. They may not find a future to motivate them in the present.

Awareness of the work world can be stimulated by following up on natural curiosity. Observing everyday life in your home and community offers many chances to think about how people and the work they do affect our lives. As your children express an interest in an activity, person, or product, take the opportunity to explore:

Tying your children's understanding of the world of work to education is also critical. Kids need to connect what they are learning in school to their dreams. Extend your conversations and observations:

In some situations, you may not know the answers to these questions. No one, not even career development professionals, know everything about work and school. Take advantage of this opening to work together to research the answers and open up more possibilities.