Support your child's future

Are you the parent or a significant adult in a child's life? If so, you are the most influential person in your child's career decisions!

Do you find this surprising? Many parents do, but numerous studies demonstrate the significance of parents' involvement. The goal of this Web site is to help you learn about career and educational planning and the positive roles you can play in supporting your children. It is designed to provide information and tools that you can use to act effectively on behalf of your children. Since no two families are alike in beliefs, backgrounds, or culture, you will not find a "one size fits all" process to follow. Rather, this site will provide you with important suggestions and reminders to support you through your child's unique career development.

To begin, you might want to explore these general topics:

How can I help my child prepare for the future?
Explore your roles in your child's career development.

Why should my child explore careers?
Find out about the changing world of work and education.

For a more detailed look at the career development process and steps that are important at different stages, click on the educational level of your child below or on the side bar. You will find practical ideas about ways you can support your child's future. You will discover the possibilities for education and training after high school. And you will be able to get tips, checklists, activities, and other resources to help you and your child.

Important Note: For the purposes of this Web site, the term "parents" refers to birth parents, guardians, and other adults in children's lives - grandparents, other relatives, step-parents, foster parents or other court-appointed guardians, and other persons who assume primary care-taking responsibilities for a child.